ONO Updates Your Tariff Further Full to 500 Minutes and 500 MB for 19.95 Euros

The reaction of the multichannel seems to want to distance themselves clearly from Movistar and if earlier we were talking about renewed shop mobile subsidized Jazztel, we now learn that from March 15, ONO re-launched its 500 flat rate with a discount of 50% if you do not want a subsidized mobile.

The case is that although they have not gone even two weeks since the revolution Movistar, We miss discount rates that now do not have to endure the subsidy and its main competitors in the field of the fixed are taking more than ever the vulnerabilities of the incumbent to attract new customers.

Why Mobile ONO will continue subsidizing phones as usual but if you do not need to renew your phone, now you can hire the new offering that improves the most comprehensive ONO rate with a indefinite discount in Exchange for signing a commitment of stay of 12 months.

The new 500 flat rate includes 800 minutes to landlines and mobiles ONO + 500 minutes from fixed to mobile in the same holder + 500 minutes the rest of national operators + 500 MB with reduction of speed to 128 Kbps up to 2 GB which will cut off the connection for 39.90 euros/month if you want a subsidized mobile phone or by 19.95 euros/month without mobile “ free ” associated.