Ortel Mobile Gives Extra Balance, Calls, Messages and Megabytes with Every Top-Up

The OMV do not want left behind after Vodafone movement heralding the improvement of several of their prepaid rates, and it is for this reason that Ortel Mobile, another virtual more oriented to calls abroad with cover Orange, launched a promotion that gives extra balance, calls, messages and megabytes with every top-up.

From the smallest recharging, the five euros, Ortel customers will receive a 50% extra gift balance Apart from at least 50 Mb of browsing speed, and 30 minutes and 30 SMS to call or send to other clients of the operator in Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

The best news of this new development is that Unlike with the previous, in calls to other Ortel with included minutes the establishment of call are not paid, that meant a disbursement by call of 27 euro cents.

If you exceed the included minutes domestic calls are priced at nine cents per minute with 27 of call set-up. In the case of SMS national shipping price is 0.13 euros while the internationals have a cost of 0.17 euros. Internet traffic out of the gift is charged at the rate of eight cents per Mb.

Balance and the megas gift will be received up to a maximum of 100 euros of recharging (not counting the extra balance) while gifts of minutes and SMS are valid for the first two refills of the month and its use during the 30 days following recharge. The promotion will end May 31.