Our site Opens with Two Rates with Almost Unlimited Calls for 19 Euros or 29 Euros with Internet

Surprised three weeks ago the unexpected announcement of the return of Amena and today we are with them in the presentation of the brand new Orange our site as we are told, will be an operator focused on management by internet with rates of contract no permanence. Nothing free or subsidized mobile.

The rates are two and include rate “ unlimited ” of voice, messaging and internet Optional:

  • 19 euros fee includes up to 3,600 minutes (maximum 150 destinations) and 1,000 SMS (maximum 100 destinations). This mode allows you to connect to the internet for 1 euro per day of use (limited to 1 euro each 10 MB)
  • Rate includes 29 euros up to 3,600 minutes, 1000 SMS to the same limitations and 1 GB to navigate and with the rest of traffic to 64 Kbps.

The difference with the infinite rate Yoigo which if it subsidizes mobile, is that to change Orange has been able to file the most criticized of the infinite aspects with Amena.com including SMS, clarifying the limits to avoid mistrust that generate the rules of good use, allowing VoIP and not forcing a mandatory stay or to hire data.

Other features of the Orange brand new, they are as follows:

  • You can switch to Amena.com rates no change of SIM card if you’re from Orange and therefore works with mobile free or also with the anchored to Orange.
  • The data service If you allow the use of VoIP and tethering to share the connection with other devices.
  • Amena.com is not compatible with the following services of Orange that are disabled at the time of the change: accumulated points, discounts, promotions and savings modules.
  • The service of customer’s payment by calling 902 010 378 by 15 cents of establishment of call and 48 cents per minute. However, you can make all kinds of efforts through the the online client area even as you take down the line.
  • The service works with a MicroSIM + that can be used on any type of phone Since it comes precut in two parts to adapt to different types of devices.
  • It is compatible with the service BlackBerry in Exchange for an activation of 15 euros but no monthly cost associated with your data rate.
  • If some of the limits of voice or messages, from 8 cents per minute and 15 cents/SMS rates apply.
  • The high in pleasant has a cost of 15 euros (except if you come from Orange and don’t have a permanence that will cost 7 euros) in respect of order and shipping charges (including VAT).

Low cost brand differences

Orange differs thus offer more low-cost going to be managed almost exclusively from internet at amena.com without any commitments while that own Orange will continue subsidizing and giving a more close relationship from stores.

And only of course the needs of those who consume less Although perhaps Orange has wanted to give Truce to MVNOs that used its coverage leaving to Simyo highlight its fares with free internet or a very balanced Gigaplan and MÁSMOVIL to be more economical with 1GB if you do less than 140 calls per month with zero rate.

The unknown about what will happen from now rests mostly with Vodafone. Its main competitors have limited the maximum cost of talking on the phone between 19 and 30 euros per month and Movistar also has to Tuenti with more than interesting data rates.

While Amena is not an MVNO as such, it seems necessary to unlink low cost of main brand to have the advantages of another recognized brand, what between the alternatives for Vodafone, would be not unreasonable to acquire an OMV recognized for the satisfaction of their customers to simply improve prices and nothing else … do you think that we will see any reaction to the height of the market? What is your bet?