Pepephone Will Deduct Up to 20% of The Invoice Customers That Say Having Suffered a Fall of Service

The mobile phone when an operator has problems with its network typically as much asked to apologize and compensate in the following invoice at a discount equivalent to the average consumption of each client on how long that takes the fall. But There is a different operator.

On previous occasions Pepephone has suffered falls of its service, which depends on the Vodafone network, promptly reporting via Twitter from where was the error and when expected that it would be solved. In such cases the fault affected all customers the OMV decided to compensate them with the return of 10% of your data in the following invoice voucher, which would really represent the fall three days when this was only hours.

This time the fault occurred between April 30 and may 1 due to the failure in one of the many servers that serve them not being able to detect that customers remained without service by not occur in an area specific. The same problem came back to occur Thursday not being able to either identify the affected.

Therefore, Pepephone has sent an email that explains what has happened to them and invites those who saw affected to apply for a refund 10% of your bonus data, or 20% if they affected the two days. Unpublished it is that the operator will rely on those claiming to have been offline since they have no way to check if, really, that client suffered the fall or not.

The procedure to request is very simple, you just need to enter the ID number and telephone number on this website to receive it. If all Pepephone customers requested reimbursement, affected or not by the fault, it would be a sharp loss to the operator but as they say themselves If they are honest with these clients also will it be with them.