Plans for Beats: Maximum Integration, Cheaper Version and Spotify Android

It seems that tonight will be interesting data. After knowing of a possible Apple event in March, now from 9to5Mac it comes detailed information about what Apple wants to do with Beats. No, nothing of launching a new application with the service: the company wants to reform their music services from top to bottom.

How? Because integrating Beats deeply into operating systems and not to forget the Apple TV iCloud. The old implementation of Beats Music would disappear to make way for a new version of the music application and a new iTunes, both prepared to offer songs in streaming. The only thing that would be of the previous Beats Music is your recommendation engine, already acclaimed by Apple as the best in its category.

Apple will recover the social functions which lost with Ping with this new streaming service

Who use Spotify or Rdio often understands that Apple wants to that users can quickly navigate through the entire music catalog offering Apple, and can also save songs in playlists accessible from any device. There would also be social functions, so that a user can follow others. It will be the first attempt at social Apple from the failure that meant Ping.

Users who already have an account of Beats Music will integrate with the Apple, so that all the playlists that are already made will continue to exist within the new service. And by the way: the traditional iTunes Music store and service iTunes Radio will remain.

7.99 dollars per month and application for Android. Yes, Android

And now, the nuclear bomb: it seems Apple would be working on a new service application for Android. It would be the first time that the company would make a launch on the platform of its direct competitor, offering the possibility of joining this new streaming service to millions of people. It seems that have gather compatibility is one of the points that has been so successful Spotify, but also said that at the moment Windows Phone is out.

And the price? Because while some time ago there was five dollars a month for being full of money that is spent a user’s iTunes Store a month, the source indicates that the quota would have gone up to the $ 7.99 per month. It would be two dollars cheaper than the services we have now.

They are very interesting data, but which are linked to bad news: apparently the development of this new service is bringing many problems on the computers of Cupertino, one of the sources by directly calling “a mess” and predicting layoffs. This, coupled with a lack of news and statements by senior executives of Apple, is that they still do not glimpse a release date. With a little luck, We could see a presentation of the new musical Apple WWDC 2015 strategy. If it will be a revolution or not, will depend on us.