Pregnant Party Dresses:5 Styles for Each Body Type | I’m a Mother Now

Finding the long dream dress can turn into a real hunt, do you agree?Pregnancy further limits the options, but when the shot is accurate, any well-dressed pregnant woman steals the party scene!

I chose 5 models of the red carpet that I loved, with cutouts and models that favor different body types.The resemblance here, is that everyone wants to show their belly!

Trim below the belly

Actress Elsa Pataky bet on the neckline and belly marked on the hip line.Because of this division in the lower portion of the body, it may give the sensation of shortening the legs, favoring the taller women.

I hope it falls with a cut below the bust

If you have gained (or have) too much bust and given that fat one in the arms, try to avoid that it takes that falls, since it emphasizes and draws attention to the lap. On the other hand, the cut below the bust with the loose skirt and very fabric look good on any pregnant woman. Jessica Alba used and abused this model in pregnancy, which looks great on skinny jeans.

Trim below bust with straps

It may sound like bullshit, but a simple strap makes all the difference and can help disguise a colder neck.The strap-on models lengthen the silhouette and help hide the fat, as well as cuddle the breast.If you are going to buy or have the dress done in advance, bet on the loose skirt, thus avoiding the nasty surprise of the dress tight on the belly.

Long sleeveless without belly clippings

This was certainly the most talked about pregnant dress of the year. The singer Ciara lavished elegance on Emilio Pucci.The long sleeve leaves any chic dress and this model does not have many restrictions of use, it looks good in tall and short, and even in the hottest.A basic black with this cut would look divine.The only problem is the oncoming heat!

Straight with sleeves

Another model that looks good on just about everyone. The cuffs help reduce the “bisnaguinha” effect of the arms that have gained a few extra pounds. Actress Hayden Panettiere opted for a lot of shine and bangs, but a smooth fabric with a more comfy neckline would look great, too.

Do you like the tips to get inspired?

Now just find a mega comfortable shoe, because your feet can not even think of suffering!

And good party!