Prepare Your Portfolio That Started: Hunting Bargains Arrives at Applesfera

Dan Riccio has sat to see bargains, but with the face of “better that are worth the penalty that Tim has me choked to work”.

Our neighbors of Engadget have a problem, and it is that they believed that the hunt bargains is only thing in the world of technology in general. So in Applesfera we thought that on the Apple scene we also find our own bargains on products, accessories and applications. And nothing better than a good list to prove it.

  • In our sale section mResell have a MacBook Pro screen retina 13-inch and second hand for 989 euros, to which they also applied a three month warranty.
  • Repaired and certified Apple shop have a 27-inch iMac at a very attractive price: 1899 euros. That you do not afraid of to be repaired, they have Apple’s warranty and last years.
  • If you have a Mac mini or are looking for some secondary monitor for your iMac, have a ASUS FullHD 21.5-inch for 126 euros at FNAC if you are a member. If not, the price goes up by 5%. You can also compare it on Amazon for the same price.

Yes, portable hard drives of 2 TB can already be found for less than 100 euros

  • Rubén Márquez put on a pedestal to Frozen Synapse, a tactical game for the iPhone. You can already run, which have put it free for limited time in the App Store.
  • Another application that have been free for a limited time: Remote Mouse, to convert your iPhone or iPad in a mouse for use on the Mac.
  • It does not have Time Machine already is no excuse for the times that run: FNAC sells a Western Digital 2 TB Portable 97 euros. For the same price, if you prefer it, they also have it on Amazon.
  • Many want to 1Password but it pulls you back its price. Well, nothing, Enpass Password Manager It is responsible for managing your passwords and is free of charge for a promotional time on the App Store.
  • The Y-Cam YCBL03 It’s an IP camera that attaches to your Mac and send us what you see to our mail is perfect for those who want to see what makes the dog when left alone at home. At Amazon they have one that is fed only wired ethernet to 241 EUR.
  • If you are sure parents that you sound name The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is one of the most popular children’s stories, and their version for iOS is temporarily reduced to 0.99 euros.
  • You need urgently, an iPhone is the model that is? In mResell have a iPhone 16 GB 5 second hand black by 289 euros and with three months warranty.
  • On the same page but in the section of tablets have an alternative to those looking for a iPad Air 2 but don’t want to spend too much money: a model of second hand with 16 GB and 4G connectivity for 549 euros and half year warranty.
  • Attention, College: the application MathStudio It is capable of working with calculus equations and generate graphs of any function. You have it in the App Store reduced at a special price of 0.99 euros.
  • Redcoon have offered several professional printers Brother, compatible with Macs. 164 euros, we can bring us a model that connects to Wifi networks and print 22 pages per minute.

The Pill of Beats speakers are not as prohibitive as you think

  • The Pill XL beats they are the perfect speaker to replace these Tiger nuts carton that you gave at the kiosk to listen to music while you showers of. In FNAC and Amazon have lowered their price to EUR 263.
  • Wake, an alarm clock for those who don’t want to touch the iPhone to get up that we discussed in Applesfera, has dropped the 1,79 euros at free for limited time in the App Store. Run, foolish.
  • Too lazy to unplug and reconnect the? pendrive USB What do you have on your laptop? This Amazon is nothing, so small that you can let you on the MacBook without that out of the way to save it in a pillow case. 32 GB, USB 3.0 and for 35 euros.
  • The neoprene sleeves There are usually cheap, but at Amazon we have this offer that gets us one for the iPad with built-in 14.70 euros outer pocket. Not bad.
  • If you like adventure, you have The Lost Fountain IOS at a special price of 0.99 euros in the App Store.
  • We ended up with a FPS game from Gameloft, Modern Combat 5, that has reduced to 99 cents on a temporary basis in the App Store. If you are playing on the iPhone or iPad with these games, for it.

And here comes our first list of bargains. Friday that comes we will have more, and as time goes you can go by referring to all the offers we have run across directly from here. And of course, always you yourselves can create a bargain if you sell any Apple product in our mResell section.

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