Prevent Your Menstrual Cycle from Interfering with Bodybuilding

The period in which the woman is menstruating can be very complicated for those who practice physical activities. As if cramps and PMS were no longer enough , wearing the clothes glued with absorbent may not give a very good result. See in this article some tips that will make you train normally even in this period.

Prevent Your Menstrual Cycle from Interfering with Bodybuilding

What happens during the cycle

To work out better in this period, it is important that you understand it from the beginning. Although many think the cycle lasts 30 days, the truth is that it lasts for 28 days. This number is for most, but there are women with different cycle times. It divides into 3 phases:

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  • Follicular phase:this period lasts about 12 days. Progesterone is at a median rate and estradiol begins to change, increasing its levels.
  • Ovulatory phase:its apex is on the 14th day of the cycle and lasts around 8 days. The goal at this point is for the woman to be fertile to generate a new life. The levels of estradiol, LH and FSH are quite high. It is at this stage, also called the fertile period, that ovulation occurs.
  • Luteal phase:progesterone, an essential hormone for gestation. If the woman becomes pregnant, this phase persists during pregnancy, otherwise the layer of tissue breaks down inside the uterus and descends into the form of menstruation.

How to prevent menstrual cycle damage in physical activity

For women who engage in intense physical activity, it is normal for women not to menstruate or the flow to be too weak. This happens because of the change in the release of hormones during exercise. Other psychological aspects such as PMS can significantly affect training. See the signs:

  • water retention;
  • severe irritability;
  • greater sensitivity to pain;
  • and more or less energy to exercise;

How to dribble these events

Well, the menstrual cycle in a woman’s life with all the built-in factors is a fact and there is no escape from them. But it is possible to minimize the signs and symptoms and to avoid or at least reduce their interference during training and exercises. Below we will list some good tips for you to follow.

Basal metabolic rate

You need to be aware of the energy rates available for exercising during cycles. For example, the luteal phase consumes a lot of energy from the body, reducing reserves for activities. That way, a change in the menu could improve the mood.

Consumption is not very high but there is an expenditure of 2 to 11% more calories than in other periods. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, it is best to increase your calorie intake during meals. If the goal is to lose fat, try to keep the energy level in balance between anabolism and catabolism.

Hunger x desire to eat

During this time, mood swings and hormonal swings make many women seek reassurance in more fatty foods like chocolates and fried foods. These wonders usually discharge serotonin, a hormone related to well-being. But, these foods are extremely caloric and are bad for your health.

Here, we must learn to differentiate between hunger and willpower.We have to stop associating the food with happy moments. What we need is to feed ourselves well. So do not get carried away by your emotions. In these moments, it is always good to have oil seeds such as nuts, nuts and almonds nearby.