RACC Mobile Launches New Voice and Data Rates

Not all movements in rates would come from part of the larger operators or the MWC already completed. Today the OMV Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia, with Vodafone coverage, launches new rates for talk and surf.

RACC provides rates for all tastes: from pay-per-minute with a call establishment reduced to minutes per day flat rate or a fee to talk and browse to the style of the large operators.

  • Basic plan: National calls at nine cents per minute with 7.5 cents call set-up and by 7.5 cents per SMS. No minimum consumption, monthly fees, or permanence and available only without subsidies from mobile.
  • Mini RACC: National calls to eight cents per minute with SMS & call set-up 15 cents for 12 cents. Gives the possibility of talk with up to four other clients of the operator to a penny per minute and send short message eight cents. 10 euros minimum consumption.
  • Rate Flat 10 (renewed): by 19.90 EUR per month offers 15 minutes a day on calls National.
  • Rate Global flat: by 29.90 euros per month includes 300 minutes on national calls and 200 mb Internet browsing.

In both flat rates if spoken more minutes the price of calls is eight cents per minute with call set-up 15 cents. In the Global If the data contained in it are consumed low speed 64 Kbps.