Samsung Galaxy S GPS Problems Solution in September

The Samsung Galaxy S and their American variants are experiencing some problems with its GPS capabilities, more specifically with the obtaining of our position by triangulation which provides the AGPS.

Samsung America has gone to step reporting via twitter that they have a ready update with which the problem will be solved in about a month, also referred to the European model, which have no confirmation but logically appear on the same date.

We found the problem only in the time that it takes to connect to the satellite, but in securing our position in Interior, making the browsing experience somewhat awkward.

While the update, some developers forums as XDA Developers they put solution to the problem with a few changes on the menu, and it apparently only works with the American models, if you want more information, the instructions on this link.

Other interesting improvements, expected since in South Korea just published an update with other resolved issues, improvements in the management of the RAM and the quality of the calls, a widget for the management of 3G connectivity, or new applications such as Swype (wasn’t in Korean version) or an audio recorder. The update is performed using Samsung Kies.

Samsung Galaxy S, analysis

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