School Backpacks:Discover the Ideal

The school bags are important for children, especially in the phase in which they are starting the school. First of all moms should analyze all modelinhos and see if these are compatible with the size and age of the child. Here are some tips on post!

The use of school bags is very important for a child that is already at that time to go after-school, mainly because of school materials. Other than that, the kids always need some accessory to prevent at any time. In the case of minors, a swap of clothes is always welcome. Either way, choose a backpack is not an easy task, in addition to having to search for the ideal model of what your kids will enjoy, we must pay attention to all the specifications of use of the backpack and what the ideal age to use different models.

How to use the backpacks?

Small always opt for backpacks totally different, usually stamped with some characters that they love, such as Skip Hop bags, for example. The truth is that there are several different different colours modelinhos and for each different style. Typically, children often use bags from 3 years, but your son is old enough to use right backpack style? Few mothers know, but there is a template right for every age, because safer than backpacks can be, the incorrect use of these can cause back pain.

4 and 5 years: the more advisable is that the child only use a lunch box, which is good. And if it is necessary the use of the bag because of the didactic material, it’s wheels.

6 and 7 years: it is still recommended the use of the wheelie bag, but it is possible to carry a backpack, since the child does not carry much weight.

12 and 13 years: The Backpack on your back it’s to be released, but still, they must be within the established criteria, namely, nothing too heavy.

Even following these simple rules, moms should always pay attention to complaints from small, because even so the backpack can be a little heavy for them to stand. If this happens, talk to teachers of kindergarten and see if it is possible to decrease a bit didactic material. Remember that your child’s health always comes first!

Which models of school bags?

The size of the backpack will depend on the size of the child and the need to use. Mothers must comply with the restrictions, such as do not pass the height of the shoulders and the lower part can get a maximum of 8 cm above the waist, and does not exceed the width of the trunk. The wheels must have adequate length to handle the child walk without twisting or inclination of the torso do.

Each child has a preference when it comes to your backpack. Most of the time they talk about all the details for mothers to buy just the way he wants. But mothers should not forget little rule of age and what the ideal size that the backpack should have are three modelinhos different, but for each model there are many color options and character, just choose the one that most appeals to the little.

Traditional Backpacks: There are many requirements of the size of the backpack for each child, adjusting the straps and the type of material, so you need to pay a lot of attention. On the other hand the models are more diverse and the kids can have a great time in choosing them.

Backpacks with wheels: It’s great because it does not force the column of the child, but the only problem in using it is that many times you will have some obstacles in your path and you will have a little trouble around the bag. Therefore, it is always good to avoid carrying too much weight.

Transverse Backpacks: just as the other models, it is not ideal to load a lot because the weight will be only on one side and can harm a child’s shoulder. Anyway, this is a template used by a more advanced age, where normally you don’t need to be carrying many notebooks and books since they already have a schedule of matters and they will study.

Now moms are already attentive to when they buy the school bags of your little one. Are many modelinhos different and that no doubt will make the head of the children and let the hottest studies.