Security Becomes IMessage and FaceTime Due to The Two-Step Verification Support

One of the most important elements at the moment of use online services is security, exposing personal information always is a risk, so we have seen how the implementation of two-step verification It offers an additional layer of excellent security for these cases.

Interestingly, this option was limited to accounts and information stored in iCloud, leaving without this additional protection to services like iTunes or App Store purchases, management of our information on, as well as iMessage and FaceTime. But it seems that this is about to change because these last two services have just incorporated this option for security for all.

Two-step verification will request us a special code that will reach one of our trusted devices activated on our count, a tedious process but which gives us the security that our account will not be available to any.

This function just be enabled our accounts in iMessage and FaceTime, but at the time of writing this entry is only available for accounts in United States and Canada, so you have to wait for the deployment make gradually to other regions that already have this type of authentication.

It should be noted that if we already have activated iMessage and FaceTime on our devices, the system will recommend us to enable the option of additional security, if we don’t nothing will happen and we will continue using services until today. But if we want to activate our account in any of these services for a new device it will be compulsory to enable the verification of two steps before doing so.