Symbian ^ 4 Takes Ideas for IPhone and Android, New Images

At the same time that the Foundation will be releasing code of Symbian ^ 4, It shows in your Wiki new images of the interface operating system, at first sight we can see significant changes with what we find for the first time, or in the conceptual videos.

In relation to the changes, the borrowed from the iPhone bar upper State, and we have a drop down inspired by Android, or floating menus (popup) sensitive to the context. In regards to the virtual keyboard, for now only see the numerical, small dimensions.

In general we find that the system is adapting to the use of touch, and following the trend of competitors, it presents multiple desktops with the possibility of incorporating widgets, that have been redesigned with regard to what you saw earlier.

The first phones will arrive in early 2011, so it is time that development be stabilizing facing developers, at least visually it seems that we we have a close enough to the final design.

We remind you that according to the own Nokia, its N8 will be the last series phone N to use Symbian, to step to MeeGo, so these images will not see them in terminals high range, but it will be used in terminals of ranges affordable as the series C, youth as X family, or business as the series E.

It is possible that third major manufacturers as Samsung or Sony Ericsson to develop phones with Symbian ^ 4.