Telecable Renews Its Range of Rates to Talk and Browse from Your Mobile

Telecable Today brings one renewal of flat rates to talk and browse from your mobile, as the yesterday performed by ONO, although in this case the rates are not so attractive or offer discounts for renounce grant from terminals.

The rates in question have a curious aspect, have the same name as the Movistar, but without being able to mix at the whim of customer calls with data bonds bonds. In all other respects their prices are not the best, comparing these rates of the large operators.

The basic rate includes in addition 300 minutes in calls to 0 cents per minute to two numbers Telecable, fixed or mobile. Calls If they do exceed the included minutes in the rates paid to 18 cents per minute with call set-up 15 cents. Besides SMS has a price of 0.15 euros and if it exceeds the traffic included Internet speed is reduced it without charging excess.

To give an example of what little they bring these rates, Browse 20 and speaking rate is not more than a carbon copy to the @XS of Vodafone, He also later copied Telstra with its Megaplana 20, with 150 minutes and 150 Mb.

The rate that It can be interesting to It is the highest of all, the Talk and surf unlimited,that promises unlimited calls including, but it falls short on data to include only 1 Gb, in Exchange for a monthly fee of 99,90 euros per month for the talkers.