The Collapse in Apple’s Services: Apple Explains

Apple explains and apologizes in the wake of a global meltdown of the iCloud, iTunes and the App Store.

You tried in vain to visit Apple’s Appstore or itunes, you are not alone. It started with system error in Apple’s iCloud suffered in 10 in the morning and ended up in 12 hours of downtime for several of Apple’s services.

The collapse was not, however, reserved for Apple’s Danish servers, but affected iOS and Mac users worldwide.

After 4 hours was iCloud re-established, but it took additional 8 hours before Apple’s in-stores were revived again. Both iTunes and the App Store, Mac App Store was hit, but woke up again around 22:00 Danish time.

Apple explains

The great collapse has been speculated as a defect in the recently updated the App Store or in rollout of the released iOS 8.2 update. A theory that Apple partially addicts to the ground in an opinion for the U.S. CNBC:

“Apple apologizes to our users who are experiencing problems with, among other things, our iTunes service. The problem is caused by an internal DNS error at Apple. We are working to re-establish all our services as soon as possible and thank you in advance for our users ‘ patience “

Apple, however, did not specify what caused the DNS error. All Apple’s services are now restored.