Tip: Photobeamer for Windows Phone Will Scale Your Images up on the Cool Way

Photobeamer app connects with QR-codes your Windows Phone to your computer or tv, so content can be enjoyed in large format.

Although phablet-epedemien rages over us, and the big screens can easily be used to enjoy holiday images, so there is just something special by streaming them up to your computer screen or living room altar.

Any tech-interested know too is cables are excluded, and that streaming is the new black, so how do we get holiday images up in large format? Today will revisit an old tip on Windows Phone, which shows how to do it user-friendly so that anyone can figure it out.

-Start therefore with free to download “Photobeamer” app from Windows Phone Store, and open it on your mobile. You need to start up the first time approve the app’s conditions.

-Choose an image from your album.

-As it appears on the screen then you should “go to the our site on the buddy’s screen”. This means that you can duplicate your monitor on another Windows Phone. You can also, of course, just visit the website from your computer or internet compatible TV.

-On the screen of your computer, your tv or your friend’s Windows Phone will there now be a QR-code, which you scan with your Windows Phone.

In a jiffy is the picture streamed up the full-sized, and of course you can browse freely between all the images you want to show off.

It will then be shown not more user friendly.