Tips and Types of Men’s Bracelets to Renew the Look

You’ve probably seen a lot of men out there wearing super-stylish men’s bracelets. With varied models, they are democratic, versatile and suitable for various styles, from classic to alternative. If you have questions about which type suits you the most, here are some great tips to start using them now!

Tips and Types of Men's Bracelets to Renew the Look

Fashion Models And Ideas On How To Use


If you are a more discreet guy and do not like to draw much attention, you can use some basic and more modest types of bracelet, such as silver and leather. They are ideal for work meetings, social engagements, weddings, baptisms, and places that call for a more neutral look. The ideal colors are silver, brown and gray.

With Watch

Who said that the clock is a mess in wearing men’s bracelets? On, this accessory even helps to balance the look, as long as the combination is well done. If the watch is colored, it is ideal to wear bracelets of similar colors to enhance the style. If the object is classic (silver or gold), it is worth investing in the same type. At this time, you should evaluate whether you prefer the same side or the opposite side (or both, if it’s good, what’s wrong?).


In this combination, you can dare in warm, flamboyant colors or harmonize the look with more neutral and sober types such as brown, dark gray or black.

Tips and Types of Men's Bracelets to Renew the Look

Large (Bracelets)

Some men prefer larger bracelets, the same size as the bracelets.Generally, only one type is used, but it is also possible to increase the style with several of them, leaving super alternative according to the environment. The actor Johnny Depp is one of the most popularized the big models and inspired several guys.

In Both Arms

Dare in the quantity and volume of bracelets, why not? Knowing how to dose, you can use them in both arms without fear. In many men, the look is very interesting!

Bracelet Mix

Mixing wristbands is a practice that never goes out of style. Colorful, silver, leather and even with bracelets. If you want a more daring look, the mix is ​​the right choice!

Of gold

Gold bracelets give charm on special occasions. And you’re wrong to think that they only fit with older, demure men: this guy is as democratic as the others, and it’s more and more a bet on the young.


Like the gold model, the silver men’s bracelet is suitable for social events because they are more discreet and versatile. They fit well with casual, alternative and classic styles.

Tips and Types of Men's Bracelets to Renew the Look


The men’s leather bracelet has fallen to the graces of the male audience and the major responsible for popularizing this accessory.They are various types, from the most basic to the most worked and flashy. In addition, it also fits well for traditional and bold men, without any prejudice!


Also called a nautical bracelet, the anchor is up. It is easy to find and is available in various types: rope, nylon, leather… The clasp is alternative and fits well both in summer and in any season, in hot and cold colors.

How To Make Men’s Bracelets Step By Step

If you are not happy with the price of men’s wristbands sold on websites and stores or no model pleased you, you can make yours at home, using various materials and for any style. Learn three types by following the walkthrough:

Basic Bracelet: In this type, you will need waxed wire, two terminals, a ring and a regular clasp. Use two types of yarns with different colors and attach the terminal to one end with the pliers. Make the adjustment of how you want it to stay on the arm and cut off the excess and put the other terminal. Finally, fit the ring and catch. Okay, just use it!

Gothic Bracelet: Buy a skull-shaped pendant, black leather strap, two terminals and a magnet clasp. Use the strip to tie a knot in the pendant so that it is securely attached. Then just attach the terminals, insert the clasp and fit on the wrist.

Classic Bracelet: For the classic men’s bracelet, you will only wear an anchor-shaped pendant and blue string (or another color of your choice). Use the string to make a hanging knot and attach the pendant.Repeat the same process on the opposite side as the anchor. This model can be used on the wrist in many ways, just use creativity.

The materials used in the manufacture of men’s bracelets can be found in dressmakers, costume jewelery stores and clothing stores.

See more in the video below and make it yourself!

Always prefer adjustable models and that you feel comfortable using. Leave it at the intermediate level, not too wide and not too tight. Models of leather and nylon are not very resistant to water: in doubt, it is better to take to bathe or enter the sea and the pool.