Topman and LTD Ripley: Because It Was Sure of Than The 1950s Never Became Fashionable

Topman lately it is very the work do a remember of all the glorious times of fashion. The abusive use of prints (little discreet) equal check back more than one but the truth is that its play of colors and shapes with textures so successful that usually included almost always make their collections something to admire.

For this reason, his new collection capsule which has decided to baptize as Ripley, It is an evocation to those printed retro that we like so much, to those tight cuts of the garment and these shirts and t-shirts, wide Kingdom all to a chromatic palette very vintage that it will delight all lovers of past trends. As always, Topman to please us.

The prints are one of their predilections. Either try your luck with this, in the form of human figures on a turquoise background and shades cakes in Bermuda…

… or you can include it in their shirts. Either way, the patterns to combine are always the same: creams on funds earthy tones and colors like brown or red tile shutdown to give a much more exotic touch.

Speaking of exotic things, could not pass the opportunity to include the geometric prints in its collection. An evocation to the fashion of the 1950s by repeating patterns and in the form of small multi-cromaticas injections…

… You can even have your funny point with naif prints like this in Bermuda-based small fish on a background of salmon for returned Netherlands Bermuda.

The painter Miro is one of the artists that are reflected in some of the clothes in the collection. The surrealism of her prints and paintings is evident in some of the motifs that decorate the shirts in the collection.

While some more anonymous are betting by the human motives and the living forms to decorate the shirts and Bermuda that, in its own way it reminiscent of tribal prints that we have both seen repeated throughout this season.

As not, denim also makes an appearance in the form of shirts and jackets returned low, cut loose and very easy to match colors and Bermuda cakes from the rest of the set as is mostly wash and plain styles…

… as well as singles groups that Shun’s all of the above and prefer to bet by the geometric shapes and straight, the austerity in the forms and minimalism in the shades that sometimes it is difficult to put into our closet.