Tuenti Justifies The Temporary Cut of 91 Lines Who Consumed an Average of 9 Gb Monthly

After days of controversy as a result of mobile phone lines cut by “ abuse ” the Internet connection Tuenti has decided to face the music in a post on its corporate blog signed by Sebastián Muriel, Vice President of corporate development.

The social network and virtual mobile operator justifies the cut to 91 customers, of which 63 had hired no deposit bonus, that were exceeding on the use of their connection already measuring it monthly consumption of its customers was 234 Mb while they arrived until the 8.999 Mb, even giving the case of a client that was downloaded 42.3 Gb.

In his words “ this type of exceptional performances in Tuenti do them to prevent possible fraudulent applications, to protect the designated customers and, above all to ensure the quality of the service which benefit from the vast majority of users & #8221;.

The operator stresses that they have always opted to facilitate access to the Internet, with their bonds of 1 and 3 Gb for 6 to 15 euros a month respectively, or with its daily rate that 0.08 euros are paid by mega with a limit of one daily euro. What always if Tuenti has made it clear It has been that its connection is for use in smartphones or tablets but never in a USB modem or as substitute for a high-speed fixed broadband.

Yet the above-mentioned 91 cutting lines was temporary and the operator is considering its re-establishment While contact individually each of the affected customers to let them know about the reasons that led his line to coma and recordandoles standards which establishes the operator for the use of your connection.

The truth is that it seems that the “ standards of fair use ” or similar are somewhat vague and leave wide sleeve the operator to take action against those customers that is “ pass stripe ” although in other European countries, its application is most common. It is not the first time that something like this happens within our borders, we just have to go back a few years ago when Yoigo offered customers unlimited calls to 0 cents per minute and it had to limit it to one hour a day by cases such as the use of these to monitor babies with a mobile phone.

The question is required is possible the application of fair use rules ever in our country while these upheavals are fitted? We look forward to your opinion.