Tuenti Leaves without Service of Telephony Mobile to Those Customers Who “Abuse” of The Rate Daily Connection to Internet

Since Tuenti it relaunched its mobile phone service news have been mixed between surprises, for their bonds of data at unprecedented rates, the disappointment, When we called to introduce the rate of contract that turned out to be a copy of the card, and now comes the frustration many users.

Tuenti has decided to put a stop to those who abuse the Internet connection with their cards and the line has been cut out without notice of these, no paddling without connection to the mains only if not without voice service, so the cards are completely useless temporarily.

The problem is caused in the daily rate Why 0.08 EUR/Mb are paid with a maximum of one euro daily after which you can continue to surf indefinitely. According to company users who have seen cut his line have abused this rate, downloading a large amount of data, without specifying, in a short period of time.

The truth is that the conditions of service Tuenti may temporarily suspend the service in case of & #8220;breach of the rules of fair use applicable to promotions chosen by the customer ”. Rules that leave in the hands of the operator set the limit from which the service can be cut.

Outside discussion which can be said to cut what if it has not be taken into account by Tuenti is that not advised users that they were going to lose your connection and above all that has not been kept only without connection service to those users if not that they cannot use their cards for voice services, something quite contentious.

The Association in defence of the consumers FACUA has already announced a complaint against the operator on the grounds that this breach of its promises to consider “ unacceptable Tuenti Mobile has been launched in certain Internet access offers and now refuses to meet them & #8221;.