Tuenti Mobile Finance Mobile over Contract Keeping The Prepaid Rates

Tuenti was reborn as an MVNO February 15 out of its beta phase to introduce tariffs prepaid that they left us with an open mouth when compared with any of the existing and whose major appeal focuses on the data rates to navigate from smartphone or tablet, aside from conventional phones.

Today us has been called to submit their new contract rates that you have actually become the same rates of card with the advantage of being postpaid and also give the possibility of funding mobile.

I.e., remain the 3 cents/minute (more 15 cents of establishment), 8 cents/SMS and imposes the need to hire 1 GB for 6 euros, or 3 GB for 15 euros. In any case never reduces speed as the main difference with the new Movistar rates but charged excess data to 8 cents/MB (up to a daily maximum payout of 1 euro).

To avoid confusion, now have given clear conditions of service from the beginning: If allowed to use VoIP, tethering or any other service as streaming that had been questioned and cleared up later. The limitation is for P2P or similar and not launch rates or devices such as USB modem to navigate from computer.

The financing of mobile will be available from tomorrow with stay of 24 months and payment by instalments of smartphones like the HTC Explorer by 5.90 euros/month or the Samsung Galaxy Ace by 11.80 euros per month (VAT included) additional payment data service which select each user and calls that you make (plus VAT).

Was it difficult to improve the rate prepaid to any incentive more than simple funding? Because to include free calls between clients that keep the first user of Tuenti, it would have been a whole novelty worthy of anticipation as that had been created around the “ new contract rates ”. Even so, at the moment Tuenti has no rival in terms of internet is concerned but the feeling is that have now taken us hair & #8230;