Tuenti Starts to Sell Its Services of Mobile Telephony in Five Stores Movistar in Madrid

Chronicle of an announced fact you could call this story. Back in 2010 Telefónica bought the social network Tuenti After the resounding failure of its own network Keteke. At that time the first rumors of the launch of an MVNO with the same brand that materialized in December of that year they jumped.

After a season in which It could only be accessed the telephony services of Tuenti, who then called Tu, invited his service was opened to the general public and on 15 February this year announced revolutionary rates. The last, and expected by some, step as given, Tuenti reach Movistar shops.

From now on the social network website will not be the only place where you can buy their services as five stores Movistar in Madrid, specifically those of Gran Via 59, door 4, CC Dos de Mayo, Móstoles, 38th Street of booksellers in Alcalá de Henares and CC Getafe 3 now sell services of Tuenti.

With this movement Tuenti delves into an adventure that ventured e.g. Telstra, which initially sold only through its website. Arrival at physical stores Hotwired Movistar shops selected tie a section of its clientele who wants to escape from its main operator atrayendoles the rates much more economical and simple to the virtual.

Although at the moment are only five shops which will directly sell SIM cards and mobile tuenti It is likely that if the experience works well sale extends to more stores or even complete sales network Movistar, taking these stores two phone rates deals and offers completely opposite.