Types of Travel in Africa

Safari trip in Africa

Africa is a hotspot for safari experiences. The beautiful savannah is home to the wild animals of the world and you are invited into their cadastre. Experience the huge hippos lazy in the swamps, watch the tree-climbing lions reach the tops and spot the long-necked giraffes between the treetops.

Whether you are traveling to Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa, a safari is an experience you must not let your nose pass. Africa’s diverse animal kingdom allows you to experience phenomena such as The Big Five , The Little Five and The Great Gnu Walk.

Mountaineering in Africa

At Tourist Travel, we can not get enough of mountaineering. There is nothing that beats the feeling of putting a whole mountain behind you in steps. We see how the landscape below us is getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, we see a nature unfold at our feet that was unimaginable at home in Africa.

We make a virtue out of choosing the best mountain routes, thus giving you the best possible experience of mountaineering in Africa. We have been particularly pleased with the “beginner mountain”, Toubkal, in Morocco and the “roof of Africa”, Kilimanjaro , in Tanzania, to which we have many trips each year.

Trekking in Africa

Making a footprint in the world is a rewarding and beautiful experience. Every single step is currency in the profit and loss account. Trekking in beautiful Africa is a balm for both mind and soul, and we dare to guarantee you a changing experience that will stick in your heart forever. Africa is rich in both beautiful nature and an exciting wildlife that you are allowed to experience from the first floor.

Join us on Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, where we visit the rare mountain gorillas. Or travel with us out into the savannah of Morocco, where we let the camels lead the way. Tanzania is a country of trekking in its own right. Here we can draw on Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, Mount Meru and many more amazing mountain areas.

Beach holidays in Africa

When planning a trip to Africa, most people have safaris and active holidays in mind. But the many expressions must also be stored. Therefore, it is very obvious to connect your adventure trip in Africa with a few days beach holiday. In Africa, one area in particular stands out – Zanzibar.

The beautiful Tanzanian island is surrounded by azure blue sea. Dip your tired feet well into the chalk-white sand and enjoy the tranquility and the blowing wind along the shore. Time on Zanzibar can be spent with water sports activities, good food, markets packed with beautiful souvenirs and pure relaxation.

The climate in Africa

When you travel to Africa, you can experience two different climate zones. Most of the continent is located in the tropical climate belt, but some areas have a subtropical climate and thus a more temperate climate. In general, it is hot in Africa and the high temperatures help to set the right growth conditions for a varying plant component.

On the other hand, there is a big difference in the amount of precipitation, depending on where in Africa you are. In the arid desert areas, less than 100 mm of rain falls per year, while on the west-facing coasts of Central Africa, the south coast of West Africa and the east-facing sides of Madagascar, more than 3,000 mm of rain falls per year. However, there are large differences in precipitation from year to year. At times, the continent is characterized by periods of drought, during which the rain is completely absent.

In northern Africa

According to Countryaah.com, in the northernmost areas of Africa, there is a subtropical either desert or steppe climate. That is, the weather in this part of the continent is hot and dry. Among other things, this is where the Sahara has its location. In large parts of the Sahara it rains only once a year.

In Central Africa

The central part of Africa has a tropical climate. Here the weather is both hot and humid with constant temperatures of around 30 degrees all year round. At the same time, this area is affected by large amounts of precipitation during the rainy season.

In southern Africa

The southern part of Africa has a subtropical climate with small fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year. In the eastern part of southern Africa, there is generally a lot of rain due to the prevailing wind direction. In the western part of southern Africa, on the other hand, only small amounts of precipitation fall.

Types of Travel in Africa