Update for Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 Available in Successive Days

The truth is that I do not know if it has the same importance that is the manufacturer which report on a future update of the operating system, either that extends like a rumor, because ultimately it’s something equally indefinite.

But our job is to tell you what is happening in the world of mobile telephony, and from the official blog of Sony Ericsson inform us about your Xperia x 10 will be announced updating system on successive days.

Is not spoken at any time of Android 2.1, but the improvements in speed and response of the interface customized by Sony Ericsson, with emphasis on the interface and functionality of the camera, and messaging operations.

In addition it has built-in an application to perform backups to save our settings and phone information, something like what offer us HTC with the latest versions of Sense.

The upgrade will be made via OTA (Over the Air) and will be coming starting this week gradually by different markets, as operators are adopting it. When available will be shown in the notification bar.

Alternatively you can update from the PC (logically connecting the telephone), on the address enabled to do so, following the instructions. I hope that users of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 we have informed about the update and the news reports.