Virtual Operators Choose to Adhere to The Permitted Maximum Prices in European Roaming

With the arrival of July came the call Eurotariff, that means a reduction in the price of receiving and issuing of calls and messages and Internet browsing within the borders of the European Union and its associated countries.

At this point already We know the deals carried out by large operators of our country, with the launch of new bonds of data for use in European roaming, which includes even calls and short messages, in the case of Vodafone but and virtual operators?

The first thing that must be mentioned is that the MVNOs are bound hand and foot since they depend on directly from your network provider to fix their prices and probably for this reason most of them (Simyo, Pepephone, Másmovil, Tuenti, ONO, R, Telecable, Euskaltel) have chosen to establish prices that they adhere to the maximum allowed.

When we find ourselves in the euro area countries call another involved will cost us with virtual operators 29 cents per minute with 0.12 euros of call set-up, which includes the first 30 seconds, receive calls 0.08 euros per minute, send short messages nine cents and surf Internet 70 cents for each mega consumed.

That is why If we travel one of the countries involved, including those included in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Turkey, would be desirable study the alternatives to offer us operators before receiving a scare with our next invoice.