WebOS 1.4.5, an Update of Questionable Effectiveness Available in Spain

Movistar has put at the disposal of the users of terminals Palm Pre their smartphones to update to the latest version of the operating system that corresponds to webOS 1.4.5. While this minor update does not incorporate any new application added series, yes includes improvements and solutions for compatibility with the KDP, especially of face to the implementation of 3D games at the Palm Pixi.

Although it does not seem to be too effective, because our ears have reached the repeated failures of execution in some of the already on its few existing games for this platform, to what Palm has jumped to the fore ensuring that they must be own developers that have to update their codes in the face to a correct functioning.

Even we do not know the time is if the user of Vodafone who has the privilege of owning one Palm Pixi also has access to the update. As not only by the fact of another operator, but by the lack of the aforementioned terminal to be delivered to some of the users who came to make the booking through the web operator cited little over one month ago.

Aside from the more obvious problems of distribution in our country from the Sunnyvale devices, update focuses on adding new capabilities in the field of navigation, such as the approach to the screen when entering text in a specific area of the web. Surprising, when less, given that this is a feature already exists in other mobile operating systems for touch devices.

On the other hand, one of the main problems that the new update manages to remedy is one for which the podcast files are not correctly unloaded and directly into the Terminal. One can only hope that the entry and restructuring in the ranks of Palm place, both the company and the operating system on the right track to become a worthy opponent of other platforms whose name I don’t remember.