What Do Good Financial Results: Apple Stocks Return to Record Highs

Two months ago, Apple confirmed his recovery from a season relatively sosa to levels stock with its shares coming to 119,65 dollars and its market valuation exceeding the 700,000 million dollars. And now that shareholders know how well has gone 6 iPhone, is that these actions they have returned to dare touching 120 dollars.

The forecasts are optimistic, especially if today’s markets closed, and shares are Apple remain above 119 dollars. That could allow some Wolves of Wall Street dream are met and the Cupertino company comes to have its shares above $130.

130, 170, 203… There are several predictions but all are optimistic and they take a much more powerful Apple made

Nor forget that bet is already rather wild: the Apple coming to historic stock market valuation of a billion dollars. If there are no changes or further splits, shares would have to exceed the 170,92 dollars. Difficult but not impossible, knowing that the 2015 can be one year key with more iPhones and a new Apple Watch.

Carl Icahn, in fact, still defends that Apple may be much more valuable than it is and advocates that the actions may be up to 203 dollars per share. According to him, investment in Apple “is drawer right now.” At the moment the predictions of “comeback” that was rumored a year ago have been met, more or less.