Why Is That Apple Has Broken The Record for Market Capitalization It Important?

At the time of writing these lines, the Apple market capitalization is $ 725,000 million at a price of $124,43 action. These numbers place the Californian company as the first to exceed the mark of $ 700,000 million and close the session above this figure.

This is another record that placed on the shelves of trophies of Apple. For those who closely follow its evolution, the action would be around 870 dollars values prior to the split of June of last year. A unfold of 7 to 1, which aimed to make more liquid stock and more attractive for small investors.

To put these figures in context, Apple doubles the capitalization of Microsoft just five years after overcoming first to the Redmond company. Here are two interesting questions: why are I breaking many records in the past few months? ¿What implications it has for users from the bite Apple?

From the bottom of the well…

We all remember the doubts that surrounded the company after the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. Although at first It seemed that Tim Cook held firm the helm of Apple, a series of signals were interpreted as negative for Wall Street and investors:

  • The dismissal of Scott Forstall, who said that it was the perfect substitute for Jobs.
  • The rise of Samsung, seemingly unstoppable.
  • A decaffeinated the iPhone 5 release.
  • Wear of the iOS market share.

All this led to many banks, analysts and funds to plunder of their positions or recommend disposing of shares of Apple during much of the following year. At the beginning of 2013, Apple stock was trading at a minimum close to 55 dollars or 350 to the price before the split. Many of them will be pulling the hair right now for having sold cheap and bought expensive.

On many occasions, the quote does not reflect the actual performance of a company

From April 2013, that decline was stopped and began a slow but steady growth. The transition to the Cook era had ended and several top executives were leaving (or invited to leave) their jobs at Apple as a result of the end of the internal “hostilities” that tend to occur in these cases. After the fray, Jony Ive was directly responsible for monitor not only hardware but also software design.

During the WWDC of 2013 we could see the first results of the leadership of Cook. An iOS completely renovated 7 changed its appearance and has inaugurated a new design language of the company. Goodbye to the ornate skeumorfismo, welcome the flat and minimalist design.

A few months later, Apple returned to step on the accelerator in September 2013 to 5s iPhone with the revolutionary 64-bit chip A7, which placed competitors in trouble. Not content with this chip, we saw how it was accompanied by a characteristic that its competitors are still trying to match: Touch ID. We could also see that same year a redesigned Air iPad that used the same architecture in his heart. These developments were not just the beginning.

… to the top of new

All the successes we are seeing in the last few months had been several years of work behind them. 2013 paved the way for a 2014 of madness. After presenting CarPlay at the beginning of the year, we saw at WWDC how Apple unveiled a barrage of surprises: the opening of iOS 8, HomeKit, HealthKit and the icing on the cake, called Swift.

And of course, it came a September full of novelties. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus put an end to rumors of a larger screen terminal. But also Apple Pay and Apple Watch, accompanied him how forget it. Although not everything was sing.

8 iOS has earned bad reputation among users for being a version that has given problems in their first months of life, and we also saw yet another delay in photos for Yosemite. However, this did not prevent Apple give spectacular results in its first quarter of fiscal year 2015. Its main protagonist has been sales thumping of iPhones, somewhat marred by the further drop in sales of the iPad.

What matter to me as a user these records?

Not the daily ups and downs affect the user, but if in the long term

It is logical to think that this kind of numbers do not affect all the user of a foot. It is true, at least in the short term. Billing records they do not affect at all the Apple products. From one day to the other is not going to stop working if Apple fails to break them.

But that are important for the long term. Apple continues to grow ensures the viability of what comes in the future. If the iPhone continues to grow its sales, it means you have to throw more wood to the boiler. Not less. And that is precisely what you are doing Apple.

Health, home automation, automobile, mobile payments and technology who dresses. They are innovations in industries milmillonarias whose impact we will perceive in sensitive way some day soon. Apple’s success in these initiatives is what makes the road of innovations that we will see the users. Improvements to We will notice a day almost without realizing.

As the Apple user, I am interested in their success. I know that, thanks to them, I will see more things that had not even come to imagine. My devices will gain features that did not have the day I bought them. If you love technology, the achievements of ones and others are good news for this insatiable thirst of new features that we have.