Women’s Red Pants:How to Wear and + 100 Models and Looks

Who likes fashion knows that red pants is a strong trend and seems to have no time to go away.It comes in various models and fabrics and even with live tone can be combined with many sweaters and shoes.So how about investing in looks in the pants of the color of passion?

In this post we will show you + 100 looks and tips on how to compose incredible visuals with this trend.Want to see?Keep up with us and do not miss out!

Female Red Pants Models

Jeans and Sarja

http://www.fanciestpants.com/the-perfect-pants/. You can check pants type on this site. Jeans and twill are two tough fabrics and perhaps the most popular when it comes to casual pants .They are perfect for casual occasions, day-to-day trips, and even work, if your job permits, of course.

There are jeans models and high, medium or low waist twill , you are going to choose which is the ideal modeling for your profile.

As this fabric is very practical, it can be used for many occasions. What will change the tone of this look are the other pieces and accessories. Choose jewelry, glasses, bags and shoes that complement the look with the red pants.

Can be used with cropped , with t-shirts, shirts, among others.As for the hunted, you can bet on boots, scarpins, skirts, sneakers, and many others.

See all the cool looks we have for you:

High Waist and Hot Pants

Just as red is fashionable when it comes to color, hot pants are on the rise when it comes to modeling pants. They are those pants with high waist, above the navel.The common high waist are at the height of the navel itself, and sometimes up to two fingers down.

They are very stylish and are great for girls who want to stretch their silhouette. So it can be used by little girls without any problem, and in tall girls this look leaves the body slimmer and longer.

Ah, one advantage of the red pants is that this color, being alive, has the power to increase the hip.If you want to guarantee a look with the bigger butt you can bet on this color!

Check out the pants models with high waist and hot pants:


Red leather pants is pure glamor and has become a fever among fashionistas. She is a good call for ballads and night parties, such as rock shows and rodeos and vaquejadas .

Legit leather is not usually very bright, so you can compose looks for work and more formal meetings, for example. These are the ideal models also for the day, since those that have a more glitzy finish are more suitable for the night.

The blouse that most matches a leather trouser is the tailored shirt, with light and fine fabrics. But the jeans shirt is also a piece that gives super right, especially if the intention is to create a look with the country or folk line.

On the feet, it is worth investing in the salmon, since the leather empowers any woman.With a high heel shoe you will feel even more “sassy” and feel safe to sweep away in any event you go.

Get to know the red leather trousers we have selected for you:


The flare pants , which are nothing more than the famous bell rings, are the darlings of women today. Fever in the 70’s and 80’s, they came back with everything and have no date to discontinue in the fashion world. And not for less, since the model fits well in women of any biotype.

Slim, chubby, tall and low can bet on the flare model for any occasion. It leaves your look more sophisticated, because it also leaves your body more elongated, especially if it is combined with high heels or thin-tipped shoes.

Red flare pants can be a good idea for sophisticated occasions.If you have a party day or night, you can use it.If you have a job event , you can too.A lunch with customers, bet on her … There are many special occasions where these pants look amazing.

See the red flare pants models for you to fall in love with:


The pantalona also has a sophisticated modeling and light as flare, but is much looser. In the case of red pants this chic status increases even more, it is the ideal model for events of pure luxury.

To match a trouser with fabric so fluid like this, choose fine, silk or chiffon pieces, for example.And the accessories will give you the touch you’re looking for.Prefer the golds , which look gorgeous with red.

If the flare you can risk using with sneakers or sneakers, the pants almost obligatorily ask for the high heel.This footwear is what will give the look more elegance, and will leave you with a lot of class.

Take a look at the red pants we found:


Want a model more sensual and attached to the body? Bet on red bandage pants.From elastic fabric, these pieces can be invested for both ballads and a day of work.

Many girls have been wearing the bandage pants to create a very feminine look, since it shapes the body a lot.The bandage pant bar is usually flare, and so can be worn with high heels.

Many stores offer red bandage pants in different shades, from the most vivid reds to the darkest, bordering the burgundy and wine.Red matches any skin tone, that’s cool.

Check out more models of red bandage pants:

How to Use/Looks/Combinations

There are countless ways to wear red pants so you do not get a visual over , tacky or anything like that.As the red pants are very flashy, you must pay attention to the combinations and accessories chosen.

See our suggestions!

With white blouse

White blouses are true jokers !You can bet on them to make up any style of look, as it easily matches different pieces and colors, including red pants.

They can be shirts with sleeve, regattas, shirts thinner, long sleeve, with small details like stones, among other models.They create a harmony in a look with pants as flashy as red, do not be afraid to invest.

While the red of the pants helps to increase the hips, white is a great idea for anyone who wants to appear leaner.A good tip, do not you think?

See + looks:

With striped top

Red pants + striped sweater is one of the main current trends. They can be thick, narrow, horizontal, vertical, black, blue, nudes stripes of different colors .Anyway, having stripe you will not make ugly!

However, this junction is very suitable for informal walks, as most of the time is quite relaxed. If the striped blouse is with a more refined fabric, such as silk, for example, you can invest for more serious and classy events.

There are many ways to make this combination, which will have two pieces that will draw attention. The red color and the stripes, which are important details when creating a look.

So when choosing the accessories you should pay attention. Opt for those more discreet and that complement the look with harmony. A black leather belt, a discreet color handbag, a pair of sunglasses of your choice.

See + looks:

With an oz blouse

In addition to the stripe, another print trend is the jaguar . This combination can result in a classy look if you know how to choose the pieces. The jaguar blouse looks great if the fabric is lighter and more sophisticated.The piece may have pockets, ruffles, but the fabric issue is important.

Any type of red pants can be combined with a joker print shirt. On the feet, the best indication are nudes or black shoes, since the print is more drawn to the earthy tones.

If you choose this look for any special occasion, try not to abuse your makeup or accessories, as clothing may be overloaded.

See + looks:

With printed blouse

The most well-known prints for matching red pants are stripes and jaguar, but there are many others that can be worn with this fashion piece. Modern designs, flowers and poas are the main ones.

It is cool to seek to create a harmony between the red color and the print of the blouse, which should not overwhelm the look.It is not good to have a very striking print or with many details, like glitter and sequins .

As for colors, you can choose some that have warm tones like red, earthy tones or some that totally counter, such as green.It is possible to play with colors by choosing elegant pieces.

See + looks:

With jeans shirt

Putting together a super trendy high piece with a super versatile and classic is a chance to hit it right!The jeans shirt is one of these pieces, you will not regret to create such a look.Many fashionistas have bet on this combination.

From looks to casual outings to the most sophisticated can wear red jeans with jeans .You’ll be sweeping even more by choosing powerful accessories such as jerseys, belts and necklaces with gemstones.

See + looks

With brown boot

Ever thought of the style of a brown boot with red pants?This is one of the shoes that most matches this type of pants, by color and also by style.The twill pants and jeans are the ideal to attach to a brown boot.

They may be short-sleeved boots or mounts, having cowboy style or not.If you go with this cowgirl style, you can perfectly use this look to go in a rodeo or show of sertanejo, for example.

Skinny pants look better with long-sleeved boots, and can also be worn on those with short sleeves. Red flare pants can be worn in short-toed and thin- toed boots, which helps to lengthen the silhouette, or round, which is also elegant.

It is possible to choose brown jumpsuits without laces and with laces to create looks younger and more modern.

See + looks:

With white sneakers

Another well worn footwear with red pants is white sneakers, and the most requested by fashionistas is the All Star.This type of look is more suitable for day to day use and to be worn with skinny pants or flare if they are not dragging on the floor.

Sneakers sport wear also look great with this type of pants.And they can be combined with loose t-shirts and blazers, as well as sweaters and shirts.

See + looks:

Female red pants are one of the trends of the moment, do not hesitate. I hope you have enjoyed learning more about this trend and tips on how to use it with elegance on a number of occasions. Kiss