Would You like a Smartphone with Tuenti? Prevents The Funding If Possible

In order to grant in Movistar and Vodafone is becoming increasingly more difficult to do with a smartphone priced and various establishments and several operators begin to offer funding to alleviate the disbursement that would pay them playing tile.

One of the operators, in this case virtual, which offers this option is Tuenti. After launching a revolutionary rate card the pseudo-filial MoviStar announced contract, an exact copy of the prepayment rate, but offering the possibility of buying financed smartphones.

At no time Tuenti has spoken that its financing was interest-free, but in an environment where there are several possibilities in which does not pay any surcharge for delayed payment the policy that follows the OMV with its funding is curious.

To understand this better we have caught several terminals offer the operator and we have checked the difference that exists between pay it in cash prepaid or finance it to 24 months with contract.

The result is obvious. Except in the case of finance HTC Explorer making a portability contract, offer of the week, eligible for funding offered by Tuenti does not leave to account. In addition to ups in demand the “ interest ” climbing until you reach the 120 euros extras that would be paid if purchased a HTC Desire S.

Therefore, if you need financing to buy a high-end terminal better look at establishments where offer us interest-free financing, which may require us more demands to grant credit, or we think in Save with the mythical pig.