Xperia Z2 Only Range-Topping Half a Year

It was a bit of a surprise that Sony launched their latest range-topping so quickly after its predecessor, but they will do it again.

Yoshiro Kurozumi is in charge of product planning for Sony’s mobile business unit, and he reveals in an interview with the Japanese media K-Tai Impress, that Sony does not expect that the Xperia Z2 is their top model in more than a half a year.

He says that, in his opinion, should be the flagships are updated once every six months in order to maintain their status as a top model. He confirms that the Sony Xperia Z2 probably only has Japanese top model in the first half by 2014.

Further he says also that Sony will not put itself firmly on a particular design, and puts it together, can we possibly expect a new and different look Sony top model later this year.