BlackBerry Messenger over Its Competitors

BlackBerry Messenger It has not had the premiere dreamed of other platforms. They made a major effort, in fact even changed the sponsorship with Mercedes to replace the logo of BlackBerry by the messaging service. Even so, everything went wrong and Canadians blamed the apk leaked in the previous days. Still don’t have a version… Read More »

14 FIFA Comes to Android, But Still Not Available in Spain

EA Sports It has begun to launch progressively Google Play in the latest installment of his series more expected by football lovers, 14 FIFA, to return to our Android after leaving us the year passed without its corresponding delivery devices having us to settle all this time for FIFA 12. The new delivery already is… Read More »

BitBattle, Strategy Pixelated to Play with Friends

How difficult it is to make a game. Create a good mechanic, that is original and attractive for people. Seems easy but it is not and sometimes it’s better to rely on the bases of others to develop variations or new formulas from them. BitBattle, developed in Spain, it comes to show us the game… Read More »

Magic 2014 Duels of The Planeswalkers, Thoroughly

Magic: The Gathering, the analog card game more absorbecarteras history, has finally digitized on Android. We have analyzed to fund This anticipated game, to know if compensates you for paying the fare needed to convert into full demo version. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 It is, above all, the first possibility for regular players know… Read More »